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 Those who want the ability to skin combined with the alpine performance of the triple-pivot toe and inter-pivot heel are looking for this binding. They feature a 4-13 DIN range and a slightly lighter weight construction than the Duke.

Triple Pivot Elite Toe - With a horizontally oriented spring, it provides the highest energy absorption to reduce the risk of early release. The secure purchase on the boot lug optimizes power transmission and allows for durable, high energy use. The performance to weight ratio of the Triple Pivot toe is truly unmatched in the industry.
Integrated Gliding AFD - Gliding Anti-Friction Device (AFD) provides consistent lateral release with rockered and lugged AT boot soles

Inter Pivot Heel - Industry-leading construction delivers superior holding power for all types of freeskiing. Its design focuses power in the direction of the boot sole, increasing elasticity. The overall design creates optimum power transmission.
EPS System - Dual-screw brake pad

Tour Mode
Dual climbing levels of 7 and 13 can be adjusted with ski poles
Super secure lock mechanism lever is located under the boot; touring position slides boot 4 cm rearward for ease in kick turning
Tour mode moved boot 4 cm rearward for better balance and easy kick turns

Special Features
Backcountry Comfort - The patented, ergonomically shaped lever under the boot allows comfortable opening and closing. The actuating arm for moving from ski to hike mode is made of Carbon.
Touring Base Plate - The wide frame construction is secured at several positions, perfectly distributing the pressure for unparalleled skiing performance.
Accomodates both alpine and AT boot soles
Boot Sole Length: 265-325mm

We recommend a brake width that is equal to the ski waist width and at most 15 mm wider.
Ski Compatibility
We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.


  •   Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  •   DIN: High: 13
  •   Brake Width (mm): 110
  •   DIN: Low: 4
  •   Weight: 1225g

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